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Company introduction – National Engineering Co., Ltd.

Cold Oil Press

Cold press 30kg

  • Size120 * 85 * 132 cm (W * L * H)
  • Weight350 kg
  • Power Consumption7.5Kw
  • Rated voltage220v - 380v
  • Volume of pressed oil30Kg(hr)
  • Extraction rate50~51%


Korea's first cold oil press patent
Korea's first cold oil press patent registered product

The only product registered by applying for a cold pressing patent in Korea is our cold oil press. The perfect cold pressing oil machine that produces oil at 40 degrees.

Cold oil press machine with easy maintenance
Easy to maintenance.

Cylinder parts and screws are easily disassembled, so you can clean every corner and use them very hygienically.

Cold pressing technic
Cold pressing technic

It is a machine that can be pressed by adjusting the machine temperature to 60 to 70 degrees Celsius and 40 to 45 degrees Celsius with a low-temperature compression tube cold pressing method, and maintains the taste and aroma of oil and does not lose nutrients such as omega 3. It is also the only cold press machine in Korea that can be used for cold pressing with exclusive patent technology.

Various seeds and nuts for cold pressing oil machine
Various seeds and nuts for cold pressing

The National Cold Press Machine is a cold press and hot press machine that can squeeze various oils at low temperatures, including sesame oil, perilla oil, walnut oil, pine nut oil, sancho seed, rape seed, camellia seed, radish seed, red flower seed, pumpkin seed, hemp seed, sunflower seed, citron seed, and green tea seed.

※ It can get any types of oil from the seeds and nuts which has 10% of oil contents rate.


How to use

In case for raw seeds pressing.

- Preheating : In summer, set up the temperature by 70 degrees for No. 1, 2, 3 In winter, 80 degrees and leave 30 min before use a machine. After done preheating, please check the oil cake with put the little amount first and then use it. - Control handle : At the first step is maximum tight up and then fix after release the 2.5 turn. Oil cake thickness best position is 0.5mm for pressing the oil. - Oil cake thickness : Each seeds has a different oil cake thickness. Thin oil cake is good for oil rate. When use a very low temperature then oil cake comes out paste state on the oil way. Also too much tight up the control handle then oil cake comes out on the oil way. At that time, stop the main motor and release the control handle a little bit then problem will be solve. - After use it : When done for every pressing, turn off the heater and please turn off the main motor switch after operate 3 min later.

In case for roasted seeds pressing

- Preheating : At the first step is maximum tight up and then fix after release the 2.5 turn. Oil cake thickness best position is 0.5mm for pressing the oil.

Grain control plate

Pull - normal sesame, Push - raw sesame, Center - cut off

Temperature of Refinery plate

Normal season 50 degree is good but winder could be increase a little bit.

How to clean up Refinery plate

Please use a soft flat scraper after turn off the comp switch with back position air lever for release the vacuum state.

Refill up comp oil

Check the comp oil gauge every 1 year and refill up if not enough the oil.

Oil Filter tank

Every 3~4 month, take off the oil from the oil filter tank.